Tignes Hotel and Apartment Accommodation

Much of the Tignes accommodation is modern, in purpose-built blocks designed for easy access to the slopes. A typical modern French ski resort, in other words. However, that is not to say that the style of accommodation is restricted to the notorious French shoebox apartments.

There are plenty of hotels of varying standards scattered amongst the five hamlets and the apartments (covered at the bottom of the page) are nowadays also available in varying standards of luxury (or not!).

Hotel accommodation in the different parts of Tignes is listed below, followed by a section aimed at those visitors looking for self-catering accommodation. Visitors who would like to get an idea of availability of all types of accommodation for a particular set of dates should enter their proposed stay in the search box below:



Tignes Val Claret

Tignes Val Claret is the highest of all the hamlets which make up the ski resort - it is situated at an altitude of 2300m. In other resorts, the highest village can sometimes be a desolate wilderness stuck in the snow with little in the way of activities outside skiing.

Tignes Val Claret

Val Claret however has a reputation for being one of the liveliest of the hamlets and has a good choice of restaurants and bars as well as a good range of hotels. It can also boast access to the glacier skiing as well as the different areas on either side of the valley.

Hotel Ski d'Or
Hotel Ski d'Or, Tignes Val Claret73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 04 79 04 51 60
The Ski d'Or is a four-star hotel in Val Claret with nearly 30 rooms. It offers bar, restaurant and spa facilities and has half-board or bed-and-breakfast options.
Website: www.hotel-skidor.com
Hotel Les Suites du Névada
Hotel Les Suites du Nevada, Tignes Val Claret73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 04 79 41 68 30
The four-star Suites du Névada offers 25 suites on a bed and breakfast basis in Val Claret. The hotel does have its own restaurant and wellness area with swimming pool.
Website: www.les-suites-du-nevada.com
Hotel Diva
Hotel Diva, Tignes Val Claret73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 04 79 08 10 10
The Hotel Diva is a large three-star establishment with more than 120 rooms next to the lift to the glacier. It offers half-board including drinks and has a children's club during the French and Belgian school holidays.
Website: www.belambra.com
Hotel L'Ecrin du Val Claret
Hotel L'Ecrin, Tignes Val Claret73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 04 79 40 22 50
The L'Ecrin du Val Claret is a three-star hotel with 55 rooms offering half board or bed and breakfast options. The hotel offers a spa, swimming pool and fitness centre.
Website: www.ecrinduvalclaret.com
Hotel Vanoise
Hotel de la Vanoise, Tignes Val Claret73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 04 79 06 31 90
The two-star Hotel Vanoise is situated at the bottom of the Tufs chairlift in Val Claret. It has 22 rooms with half board or bed and breakfast possible. The hotel also has a bar and restaurant.
Website: www.hotelvanoise.com

Tignes Le Lac

Located at an altitude of 2100m, Le Lac is the original Tignes purpose-built hamlet, developed in the 1960s and with excellent access into the skiing on both sides of the valley. For those without any French, the 'Lac' means lake and the open area in front of the buildings is actually a snow-covered high-altitude lake.

Tignes le Lac

The hamlet is probably the second-liveliest of all of the Tignes villages and, like Val Claret, offers a good range of accommodation in apartments and hotels.

The Le Lac village has a 'suburb' of Le Lavachet further back down the road which offers mainly apartment accommodation and is a popular place for resort workers to live.

Hotel Les Campanules
Hotel Les Campanules, Tignes Le LacLe Rosset
73320 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 34 36
The four-star Hotel Les Campanules is situated in the Le Rosset area of Tignes Le Lac and offers 35 rooms and suites along with bar, restaurant, fitness area and wellness centre.
Website: www.campanules.com
Hotel Village Montana
Hotel Montana, Tignes Le LacLes Almes
73320 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 40 01 44
The four-star Hotel Village Montana offers over 80 rooms and suites in a large chalet-style building in the Les Almes area of Tignes Le Lac. The hotel offers half board with a choice of four restaurants for the evening meal. Guests may use the pool and spa facilities of the Hotel Les Suites du Montana.
Website: www.vmontana.com
Hotel Les Suites du Montana
Hotel Les Suites du Montana, Tignes Le LacLes Almes
73320 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 40 01 44
The Hotel Les Suites du Montana is a four-star development which has 27 suites in five chalet-style buildings in Tignes Le Lac. The hotel offers half board with a choice of four restaurants for the evening meal. Guests may use the pool and spa facilities of the Hotel Village Montana.
Website: www.vmontana.com
Hotel L'Arbina
Hotel L'Arbina, Tignes Le LacLe Rosset
73320 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 34 78
The L'Arbina is a three-star family hotel near the Aeroski gondola in Tignes Le Lac. It has 22 rooms and offers half board or bed and breakfast options.
Website: www.hotel-arbina.com
Hotel Le Gentiana
Hotel Le Gentiana, Tignes Le Lac73320 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 52 46
The Hotel Le Gentiana is a family-run three-star establishment with 40 rooms facing the lake and the glacier. The hotel offers half board in winter and also has an indoor swimming pool and sauna.
Website: www.hotelgentiana.com
Hotel Levanna
Hotel Levanna, Tignes Le Lac73321 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 32 94
The Levanna is a slope-side three-star chalet-style hotel with 40 rooms next to the lifts. It offers half board in rooms and suites as well as a jacuzzi and hammam.
Website: www.levanna.com
Hotel Le Paquis
Hotel Le Paquis, Tignes Le Lac Le Rosset
73322 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 37 33
The Hotel Le Paquis is another three-star hotel in the Le Lac hamlet, situated at the foot of the slopes. It has 33 rooms, a restaurant and a wellness centre with sauna, jacuzzi and hammam. Rates are half board and the hotel offers packages with a lift pass included.
Website: www.hotel-lepaquis.fr
Hotel Le Refuge
Hotel Le Paquis, Tignes Le Lac73322 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 36 64
This three-star hotel is the one establishment in the whole of Tignes that can call itself an historic hotel. It was originally built back in the 1920s when the pastures were used for summer grazing. Converted into a hotel back in the Sixties, it has 26 rooms and seven suites. Board is bed and breakfast.
Website: www.refuge-tignes.com

Tignes Les Boisses

Tignes Les Boisses is the first of the two 'lower' hamlets. It was built following the submersion of the original village of Tignes by the dam and reservoir in the 1950s and has a replica of the original church. It is also known by its altitude - Tignes 1850 - and is undergoing extensive redevelopment and expansion.

Tignes Les Boisses

The original route up to the higher hamlets now bypasses the centre of the village and there is a large 'eco-village' called Kalinda Village being constructed by one of the main Tignes property developers. Access to the slopes above the main villages on the Aiguille Percée side is now by means of a new 6 million Euro gondola.

Tignes Les Brévières

Tignes Les Brévières is what is left of the 'old' Tignes. It is a proper village with some old traditional Savoyarde stone farmhouses located at 1550m on the road up from Bourg-Saint-Maurice.

Tignes Les Brevières

Although it is on the edge of the Espace Killy area, Les Brévières is popular with those looking for some French mountain charm while still enjoying access to the high slopes of the resort. The lift access is via a gondola which links to the lifts to the Aiguille Percée or the runs above Tignes Le Lac.

Hotel Club MMV
Hotel Club MMV, Tignes Les Brévières73320 Tignes Les Brévières
Tel: 04 79 06 38 05
The MMV Club in Tignes Les Brévières is a large basic two-star hotel with 141 rooms. The Club in the name means that guests are on full board and there is a children's club and an entertainment programme offered in the evenings.
Website: www.mmv.fr

Tignes Apartments

Tignes is principally a purpose-built French mountain resort, which means that self-catering accommodation plays a major role in the range of lodging offered in most of the hamlets.

French ski resort apartments used to be seen as trading the advantages of low cost and ski-in ski-out location for the disadvantages of a somewhat cramped and spartan style of accommodation.

Nowadays however the big apartment developers have reacted to the market and options of luxury and mid-range accommodation, some with extra facilities such as wellness facilities in the buildings, have been developed.

Our accommodation fulfilment partners Booking.com deal with more than 120 apartment providers in Tignes. Click to see what is available during the time you are planning to take a ski holiday:

Tignes Hotel Map

Some of the main lifts and hotels are listed on the map below. Drag the map to centre the hamlet you are interested in and then use the controls to zoom in and out to see the location of individual pointers. Click on the hotel or lift pointer to find the name.