Ski Hire Shops in Tignes

The main international ski rental multiples, such as Intersport, SkiSet and Sport 2000, are available in Tignes, but there are also quite a few independent equipment hire operations. Some of them offer the possibility of booking online but, as with pre-booking ski equipment via travel companies, it is worth visiting the sites and checking out exactly where the shop is in relation to the ski lifts or accommodation.

The stores listed below are those that have their own websites, rather than representation on one or more of the internet ski hire networks.

Ski Equipment Shops

Duch Sports
Duch Sports Tignes Le LacRue de la Poste
Montée de Crouze
73320 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 30 27
Duch Sports is part of the French Twinner chain of sports shops and offers ski hire, service and sales from its base next to the Millonex ski run through the hamlet.
Intersport Tignes Val Claret Centre
Intersport Tignes Val ClaretImmeuble Le Jhana
73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 04 79 04 21 18
An independent local site from one of the four stores which are part of the Intersport chain in Tignes, this one located in Val Claret.
Intersport Tignes Le Lac
Intersport Ski Hire, Tignes Le LacLes Almes
73320 Tignes le Lac
Tel: 04 79 01 03 42
Another independent site for one of the Intersport stores in Tignes, this one in Tignes Le Lac - it also has contact details for all the other stores.
La Godille de Tignes
La Godille Ski Hire, TignesPromenade de Tovière
Le Rosset
73320 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 38 52
La Godille is based in the Rosset area of the Le Lac hamlet and offers equipment hire, including off-piste safety equipment for daily rental.
Montagne Attitude
Montagne Attitude Ski Hire, TignesImmeuble Le Curling
73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 04 79 06 35 01
Montagne Attitude is a sports shop which sells and hire high-end equipment from its base in Val Claret. It also offers custom bootfitting services.
Newsport Ski Rental, TignesRésidence Grand Tichot
73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 06 11 30 83 13
The Newsport sports shop is based in Val Claret and offers rental with the option to switch between ski and snowboard.
Ski Plus
Ski Plus, TignesRond Point des Pistes
73320 Tignes Val Claret
Tel: 04 79 06 43 77
The Ski Plus shop is another in the French Twinner group based at the main meeting place in Val Claret. The store has sales and rental equipment as well as ski care and bootfitting facilities.
Tignes Spirit
Tignes Spirit Ski Hire, TignesHauts de Tovière
73320 Tignes Le Lavachet
Tel: 06 03 62 97 10
A ski and snowboard rental operation which has grown out of a foreign-run accommodation booking company and which will deliver to and pick up from accommodation in Tignes.
Le Vallon Blanc
Le Vallon Blanc Ski Hire, TignesQuartier Le Rosset
73320 Tignes Le Lac
Tel: 04 79 06 33 70
Le Vallon Blanc is a sports boutique and ski rental operation over two floors in the Le Rosset area of Tignes Le Lac.